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SkyOS SkyOS Beta 8.5 has just been released. New features include the Indexing Service, an SQL based file attribute and content index service which makes it possible to find your files in a fraction of a second, better developer support, and a lot of bug fixes. NVU has also been ported and is available in this release. You can read the changelog here. Update: Screenshots gallery by OSDir.
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RE[3]: hmm
by bornagainenguin on Mon 8th Aug 2005 07:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: hmm"
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>>You mean having spent $30 makes you a cool kid?

No, I mean getting to play with a cutting edge rapidly evolving OS that looks like it might actually be a 'good' Windows replacememnt for home users...fooling around with a new toy...since SkyOS is not yet available in stores or as a viable general release and betas are all that are truly available all it CAN be is a toy to play with.

>>If you cannot live with that fact then fine, but don't bring
>>up the same old discussion about open-sourcing SkyOS
>>as it will simply not happen.

Fine with me, just don't expect the rest of us to pay any attention to your new shiny OS that no one can play with.

>>You can have any of the many other operating systems
>>that are both free and open-source. Their way is fine, I'm
>>a happy Ubuntu user myself. But it doesn't mean it's the
>>*only* "true" way of doing things.

Congratulations on your Ubuntu experience. (Have you tried XYZ? LOL, no seriously!) I'm glad that you've found a Linux to your liking, there's one for everybody...join the party! I've begun to like Ubuntu quite well now that I've found the 'unofficial' addon cd made by some of the Ubuntu forumers. That said this completely emphaises and underscores my point...if you go back and reread my post (go ahead I'll wait..)


(You ARE rereading, aren't you? ;P)


I only mentioned the GPL (or open sourcing) SkyOS in connection with an answer to the question of why SkyOS discussions always degenerate into GPL (or accusations of improper GPL usage which I personally think Robert is too intelligent to have commited..) rants and so little SkyOS focused commentary takes place. My answer: Not enough people have access to the betas to make commentary--a state of affiars that hurts EVERYONE including SkyOS and its users.

You may note on your careful re-reading of my post that except mentioning the GPL in relation to it being /one/ way to open things up to allow everyone to participate (or to 'play' if you will...:P) I don't make any mention of the GPL in my own suggestions for solving the problem of there being a derth of SkyOS related commentary. Let's try not to hurt ourselves noding our heads in agreement with each other, okay? I haven't brought the GPL into play here--you have.

Me--? I just wanna see how this cool toy behaves on my hardware...[laughs] but I'm not about to pay for the privledge of seeing if it will, even if it DOES net me a cool looking official cd-rom some day in the future.

I'll stick to the things I can try before I buy, thank you very much. And there's nothing wrong with that. Plenty of other fish in the sea, and soon enough others will realize that and you'll see the SkyOS discussions with only a token few comments at every story much like you see with RiscOS and the various incarnations of Amiga. 'tho I'm not quite sure that will be an improvement....

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