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X11, Window Managers Trolltech's Zack Rusin today introduced Glucose on Freedesktop Xorg mailing list. Glucose is a new "OpenGL based acceleration architecture" that "uses XGL code". It does not require any change on the drivers side, except a call to glucoseDriverInit.
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next "glue"
by mormon on Wed 16th Aug 2006 19:45 UTC
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glue everything and you will get next abstract layer and bloated soft. i think the best way is revolution, new X server based on OpenGL. i don't understand what are AIGLX and this gluesmth for. why don't write new server and base it on Xgl? everyone is now teaching one thing "don't rewrite" but rewriting can give better ideas, optimizations and new view.

why has macosx working well composite engine even using VESA driver (tried with MacOSx86 - i know it's illegal, i don't have it installed know ;) ) and linux can't have? maybe it's caused by portability of xorg and support for ATI Mach64 (if someone wants use it, he will stay with xorg, not a problem). maybe it's time to create os specific X server which would perform the best.

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