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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OpenSolaris isn't a true open-source project, but rather a "facade," because Sun Microsystems doesn't share control of it with outsiders, executives from rival IBM say.
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RE[2]: Let me put it this way ...
by etrek on Thu 17th Aug 2006 12:46 UTC in reply to "RE: Let me put it this way ..."
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You know, I think I actually may have a problem with the CDDL/OSBL.


I guess I'm not sure what (protections and benefits) I get from using Sun's version(s) of an OpenSource license vs the GPL (or BSD):

This is a relatively old article (with links to even older articles), are things still like this?

Whatever your feeling for Groklaw the issues raised are worth thinking about..

I also have to agree that IBM statement about one proprietary and one opensource OS seems rather ridiculous if you really are committed to open-source.

Time will tell what licenses and OS's will prevail however. It's all a good thing..


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