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Internet & Networking If you are a security conscious or have to spend some time on less reputable web sites a great option is to use either Linux or OS X. Because the high majority of security threats which we are exposed to are designed to compromise Windows, by moving to a non-Windows operating system those threats no longer matter. This is not true all the time, especially for spam and phishing, but the possibility of a virus or spyware is greatly decreased. The problem is, of course, that people are reluctant to move to a new operating system, even a free one. A solution to this is virtualization, or basically running one of these non-Windows operating systems from within Windows.
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RE: There is an easier way
by MattPie on Thu 17th Aug 2006 18:51 UTC in reply to "There is an easier way"
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Much simpler than setting up a virtual environment. It is free and provides access to firefox and konqueror on a remote linux desktop (I am using it now).

But with that you're implicitly trusting the people that run Cosmopod. They *could* snoop on anything you do there, so it's not the place to do your online banking.

If you're really paranoid, patient, and disciplined, running a VM and using (VMware's) non-persistent disk is a really good idea. Every time you reboot, you return to your known configuration. You just have to turn it off when you do patching. ;)

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