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Red Hat Red Hat Chief Technology Officer Brian Stevens has escalated to new heights the debate over whether the open-source Xen virtualization technology is ready for prime time, saying Novell was being irresponsible and risked damaging enterprises' first experiences with Xen. My Take: So "irresponsible" is synonymous to "being truthful"?
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Novell jumped the gun
by TechGeek on Thu 17th Aug 2006 20:08 UTC
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I think Novell jumped the gun a bit. Xen doesn't have a lot of tools for it yet. And it really only runs Novell's stuff inside Novell. I have to say I don't think its quite ready for Enterprise yet. And any company that tries it and gets burned is apt to say, "Well thats open source for ya!" Putting beta software out there and saying its ready for prime time is a bit callous. Not to mention that there are still issues if you want to run a proprietary OS like Windows. VMware is much more mature by comparison and at least for now is a better solution to Enterprise users.

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