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Linspire "Linspire Inc. claims that the recently released Freespire is the development version of Linspire, much like Fedora Core is the freely available development version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. During the several days that I used it, I found this to be true in both a good and a bad way. It's good in the sense that the software that comprises Freespire is a bit more modern, but bad in that it has a few problems that make it unsuitable for a production release." Read more at TheJemReport.
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by seakryan on Thu 17th Aug 2006 22:08 UTC
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Heck - I have a CNR subscription and I don't bother using it with freespire.

They need to add synaptic in there by default for those who would like it. That would give it a bit of balance with the CNR option. Otherwise all one needs to do is type in sudo apt-get....

Kubuntu is a great distro as well. I tend to prefer freespire due to the pre-installed codecs. Less work with setting up players and such.

What I'm looking forward to is seeing how freespire moves forward now. What they decide to keep and what they decide to add.

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