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Red Hat Red Hat Chief Technology Officer Brian Stevens has escalated to new heights the debate over whether the open-source Xen virtualization technology is ready for prime time, saying Novell was being irresponsible and risked damaging enterprises' first experiences with Xen. My Take: So "irresponsible" is synonymous to "being truthful"?
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"You know you do not have to use them. Just because a feature is included doesnt mean that it should be used. Its like that with Windows/Office/Netware/Linux blah blah blah... You really think every enterprise in the US is going to use Aero in Vista.
They can include anything they want.. As long as they provide a way for it to be disabled I dont really care.. I personally cared more about its interaction in an Active Directory setting and remote management... And that works fine. So no beef with me..."

The problem here is not that they are adding too many features, but they are adding a feature that seems to be incomplete and unstable.

Now XGL is OK, since if it breaks, you can just disable it. But if XEN breaks, you might lose important data and waste a lot of time until you can bring your system into a production state again. People will only disable XEN when it's already too late, since Novell is not warning them about potential risks.

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