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Gnome "GNOME 2.16 Beta has been in Edgy Eft (Ubuntu 6.10) for the past few days [or even a week or so]. It is functioning extremely well. I've seen some occasional crashes with Epiphany and Nautilus but I hope that it will be fixed soon. Other than that, there are lots of new things in GNOME 2.16", read the pictorial review here.
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RE: Speed and memory
by jaboua on Fri 18th Aug 2006 00:24 UTC in reply to "Speed and memory"
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I haven't been using ubuntu in a while, but comparing releases on Arch... Gnome itself has gotten faster and faster each release.

And the OS will try to make as much as possible of the ram used - the ram isn't usefull if there is nothing stored in it... The ram that the programs don't need will be used for "cache", data temporary stored in ram so that accessing it will be faster the next time (it's faster to get it from ram than from a harddrive).

To find out how much of it is cache, use the "free" command.

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