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Mac OS X There are some new clues that Mac OS X Leopard will drop G3 support. Its ReadMe file does not mention it, its web pages do not mention it and Apple even made a deliberate change to their 64bit webpage to remove the G3 mention recently. My take: This was not unexpected. For each new version Apple required one more additional feature in order to work (in the past it has been USB, then firewire etc) and now it's G4+. I bet that the client version of OSX after Leopard would require a supported 3D QuartzExtreme-compliant graphics card in order to boot up.
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RE[4]: This Worries Me...
by wizzard on Fri 18th Aug 2006 05:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: This Worries Me..."
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I have a G3 450 and it works just fine with 10.4.X. It would be a shame if support for G3's were dropped. Personally I don't like it due to being unable to purchase a new one but given an very long IT background, early obsolesence is part of the ever changing IT landscape.
Guess I will save the $1XX.XX to upgrade and take that cash to vegas, or buy lottery tickets.
G3 will still run Linux quite well.

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