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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y OpenSolaris isn't a true open-source project, but rather a "facade," because Sun Microsystems doesn't share control of it with outsiders, executives from rival IBM say.
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single path?
by bbrv on Fri 18th Aug 2006 10:36 UTC
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Some of us may be underestimating the importance of having an alternative to a single path. The choice of OS and/or the diversity of processors and systems produces far better results in collaboration and competition than any alternative. This is a discussion about options, remember?

1. IBM makes more money per processor from the Power line, but the volume and the related software business based upon Intel products is still greater. IBM just won an award at LinuxWorld for virtualization. They are aware of the issues and want "Power Everywhere."

2. The CDDL represents careful thought and was an evolutionary step ahead when it was published. In practice, it seems pretty solid to us. "Governance" is an important issue that is addressed in different ways in the context of well-thought-out license agreements.

3. Sun Research Labs will release their Power work to the OpenSolaris community. We are setting up an OpenSolaris project page now for the Power port on Here is some background on the matter:

4. Originally, the Community had labeled the port "Polaris."

The Sun legal team expressed concerns about the 'Polaris' name because it is easy to confuse it with the 'Solaris' trademark. As such, we suggested that the project be therefore named 'OpenSolaris for the Power Architecture' - or shorter: OpenSolaris on Power. Whatever the name, it is coming and what will happen afterwards will primarily be a function on the parties interested enough to do something with the code. We will continue to support the process.

5. What will probably surprise the IBM'ers quoted in the article is the fact that OpenSolaris on Power will be supported at . There will be many "right" ways to do many things. Choice is a good. In the meanwhile, stop by and check out We are giving away t-shirts with the new logo...;-)

R&B ;)

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