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3D News, GL, DirectX DirectX10 is not just another version of DirectX. This version has been re-built from the ground up to change the way applications think about material management and load balancing between the CPU and GPU. D3D10, as also DirectX10 is called, takes advantage of the improved communication between the CPU and GPU and efficiently manages the data transfer between them. Screenshots included.
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by Tractor on Fri 18th Aug 2006 12:53 UTC
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I found this "comparison" really outrageous. Especially at the very beginning of the article :
Why comparing an outdated game (Halo) not even built for PC at a time when even DirectX8 was shiny new, and then brand it "DirectX 9 example" !!!!
How come !
Why not using a tetris in flash for a "fair" comparison to this wonderfull still-image from Crysis, that by the way we yet have to see anywhere (no trace of such details in the ingame vidéo of crysis online) ?

The rest of the article is all the same : praise the wonderfull DirectX10 that brings you game that you can't get with Directx9 ! Please buy Windows Vista !

How disgusting !

For information, most of the effects presented as "brand new" in this cheated DirectX10 article are already present in DirectX9.

For a better comparison of these two version (because there are some, although none of those presented by this microsoft-bought guy), go to EliteBastard.

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