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GNU, GPL, Open Source Gus Robertson, vice president of Red Hat Asia-Pacific said open source has helped lower the cost of IT but there are far more strategic reasons for choosing open-source software over proprietary competitors. However, Dion Wiggins, research director and vice president of Gartner in Hong Kong, advised businesses against having a strategy specifically for open source.
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On thing missed
by amadensor on Fri 18th Aug 2006 15:08 UTC
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When evaluating open source, you must remeber one advantage that every article seems to skip. The product cannot die, and you are not tied to one vendor.

If you are willing to pay for it, and you will be if the software is important to your business, you can get someone to do patches and maintenance, even if the original developer cuts support. You can also go somewhere else if they try to overcharge you. This may not mean much to a home user, but it can be huge in the enterprise, where you need business continuity, and generally have the resources to hire someone.

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