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GTK+ A final release of Gideon Designer for GTK+ 2.8 is available. Gideon is a modern professional RAD tool for GTK+. Most notable features include a tree-based property explorer, advanced support for multiple selections, and a flexible GuiXml resource format.
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KDevelop 2.0 was Gideon
by pgquiles on Fri 18th Aug 2006 18:09 UTC
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There were millions of names to choose for their Gtk Desiger app, but these guys decided to go with the only one that would clash with a KDE project: KDevelop 3.0 (current line) was called "Gideon".

This is at least as stupid as when the Mozilla Foundation chose the "Firebird" name for their standalone browser, effectively clashing with the Firebird relational database.

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