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Hardware, Embedded Systems Ars' Hannibal takes a look at the announcements concerning quad-core processors from Intel and AMD. "The past few days have seen a burst of quad-core-related news items from both AMD and Intel. In this post, I'll take a look at announcements from both companies and try to put them in the larger context of the Intel-AMD rivalry." He concludes by saying: "This is a tough one to call, but don't expect a blow-out on either end. Also, the performance of the K8L core is the big wildcard, since it could go either way."
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for those who don't know, gentoo allows for you to specify the ammount of cores to utilize while compiling.

and Gentoo has a live CD installer for the 32 bit environemnt that allows you to do a lot.

What I usually do is just browse the web while compiling using


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