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Hardware, Embedded Systems Dell's quarterly profit plummeted 51 percent in the second quarter, and the company disclosed it was the target of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation into the ways it is reporting its revenue. The PC manufacturer said it would look to improve its financial situation, possibly explaining its broadened relationship with AMD, also announced Thursday.
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RE: Delays and recalls.
by gnemmi on Fri 18th Aug 2006 19:57 UTC in reply to "Delays and recalls."
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1. ... there are consumers who realize technology is shifting towards 64-bit. Merom is to be backwards compatible with 32-bit applications so it offers more value than Yonah Intel's current mobile Core Duo processor.

I'm one of them .. Even though I really like the 640m, I'm waiting to see Dell's Core2 Duo offerings, and decided that I won't buy anything up until then.

2. Dell's announcement for a wide battery recall ... their announcment does impact on the way consumers view the products Dell sells.

And that just *can't* get away without hitting their revenues(after *and* before the recall takes place)... That's not only bad publicity but also means that some corp (presumably the batteries manufacturer in the end) just lost *a lot* of money. It also means litigation (not knowing exactly "which" corp just lost money brings FUD and we all know how that affects corporates figures) and all that shows up in numbers.

I totally agree with you.

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