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Apple "The open source revolution has shaken the slowly crumbling foundations of closed source software, and while it hasn't taken over completely just yet, the tide is beginning to turn in its favor. Your normal everyday user may not really understand or appreciate what open source means, but that doesn't mean that they're not experiencing the effects of it."
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RE[5]: Totally baffled by this
by neowolf on Fri 18th Aug 2006 22:17 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Totally baffled by this"
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webkit = khtml
That's somewhat true, but at this point both projects have diverged in different directions quite a bit. Honestly I've found WebKit to have quite a few advantages over KHTML at this point, especially in the realm of compatibility. (Hence why there are projects on quite a few OSes now implementing their own browser based on WebKit.)

The downside being that while they ditched reliance on QT they still didn't make it THAT gentle to port. (Though I could be wrong after all of the ports done, I suspect some simplification may have made it's why into the source tree.) And it's coding style has changed dramatically from KHTML. Enough so that by and large the team there isn't interested in taking back from the source because they'd have to literally back port to account for Apple's structure and style changes. (Apparently Apple's devs don't meet their style guide lines in the least.)

From what I know launchd is indeed their own attempt at a process manager based in XML so that's an example of their own open project. As would be Rendezvous and the Quicktime streaming server last I checked. It's true, they haven't released that much of their own stuff to the masses but they've respected every open source license they've used and continue to try to encourage open projects relating to OS X. (Hell, OpenDarwin goes to shut down and they scramble to give the hosted projects a new home with MacForge!)

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