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Linspire LinuxForums has a review of Freespire 1.0 (screenshots): "I was very pleased and impressed by the quality of this distribution. It is a pity that Freespire isn't completely "free" though, as you have to pay to use its preferred package manager. I really liked the fact that the distribution released an OSS version which didn't include the proprietary and restricted pieces of software. This should help Freespire in getting a better reputation among Linux users. Freespire is a nice distribution with a lot of handy tools and great ideas. It is comfortable and easy to use. In its non-OSS version it comes pre-installed with Java, flash plugins, multimedia support and even spell checkers within its web and email applications."
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RE[2]: Support Business model
by seakryan on Sat 19th Aug 2006 01:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Support Business model"
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I'm curious what you mean by 3rd party repositories?

Freespire and Linspire repositories are supposed to be the same. At least the CNR repositories for freespire and apt repositories are supposed to be the same. With Freespire you have option to skip CNR and use apt-get to install synaptic. The repositories in Freespire for CNR and apt are the same AFAIK.

The only thing I would like to see them do is put synaptic in by default and perhaps leave the activation of CNR to the user. Let them decide what they want to use.

I happen to be somewhat in the middle. I like to use apt-get and I also like using CNR. I also understand that Linspire is a business and one has to make money in order to stay in business. CNR is worth the $20 a year they charge for basic service.

At this point in the game it is way to early to tell what direction freespire will take. A few with biases might attempt to predict, but in the end they might be surprised. At least I hope so.

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