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Microsoft MSDN's Channel 9 has two videos in their 'Going Deep' series which dive, well, deeper into Singularity, the operating system in development at Microsoft's research department. The first of the two is about, among other things, Software Isolated Processes (SIPs). The second of the two actually shows Singularity in action.
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by Bonus on Sat 19th Aug 2006 16:28 UTC
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Whatever, it's still C in the backrgound no matter how much you manage it. HAHAHAHAHa
It's just Vista+ it's probably best the go completley .NET for them of course but Java is bettttter. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

If you're doing a hardcore simulation it wont really matter what they write the OS in I don't think, as you can access the chip through SDL and the like or hopefully the drivers would have to be in C. Also it helps that Intel has opened up some things for that because nauturally MS would just lock in through the closed source drivers even more with .NEt and people would be forced into SDL which would be weird. Coding blind.

There is also an OS totally written in Java as well but Java is open source though. The problem I might have with this as the portability factor with Vista is already no that great. With Singularity it wont be that great at all but probably still a nice OS for certain things. Open .NEt up and see how it competes MS.

Singularity is technically a black hole.

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