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BeOS & Derivatives Haiku, the open-source BeOS replacement project, turns five years old today. Founded in August 2001 as OpenBeOS with the intention of replacing BeOS due to the lack of action by the then-ailing Be, Haiku has seen five years of change in the BeOS market but continues to progress.
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RE[6]: "Open source" desktop
by axeld on Sat 19th Aug 2006 17:52 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: "Open source" desktop"
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> On the remote filesystem, an nfsv2 *client* is half
> the solutution. But how does that fit with other
> posts here that indicate that Haiku doesn't have
> tcp/ip right now?

We had a TCP/IP implementation - it was just done really badly. We're currently in the process of rewriting it, and that's why we don't have one now (there was no point in keeping the old version alive, as we haven't released anything yet).

A NFS client exists for BeOS already, but will have to be ported; a server was also available once, but I don't remember if it was an open source version (but that one could run unchanged, as only the file system API changed).

But NFS is not the primary choice for Haiku, as Haiku without attribute and indexing support is only an inferior solution. So while we have it available for compatibility and data exchange, Haiku will also include its own network file system (which already works on BeOS to some extent, but hasn't been released yet, either).

> Guys, have fun with your OS of choice, whatever it
> might be. I'm happy for you. But if you feel the
> need to start gratuitously attacking other OSes and
> the people who like and use them... don't.


> Especially when your own favored OS has some
> substantial housecleaning to do, itself.

And even if not, there is no reason to do it.
Besides, we haven't even released an alpha version yet; and while you could use Haiku already if you really wanted to, you definitely wouldn't like the experience if you had to live with it today :-)

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