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Microsoft MSDN's Channel 9 has two videos in their 'Going Deep' series which dive, well, deeper into Singularity, the operating system in development at Microsoft's research department. The first of the two is about, among other things, Software Isolated Processes (SIPs). The second of the two actually shows Singularity in action.
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Looks OK to me
by dimosd on Sat 19th Aug 2006 18:36 UTC
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So, if I understood correctly, what they are trying to do is try to run as much as possible of the operating system in a VM - including device drivers and most of the kernel. Employ some static analysis techniques that would improve code robustness. Take advantage of multithreading and multicore CPUs as much as possible etc.

To those who complained about the use of C... it's only a few hundred lines of C. Even operating systems written primarily in C include some assembly, for example. You may be able to check and recheck by hand a few hundred lines of C and make sure it's right, but not millions of them!

I am not exactly "sold" on the approach they are taking and I am a bit worried about MS's usual messyness. But to those who say this isn't exactly groundbreaking: Although I agree, let's not forget that mediocre programmers "borrow" good ideas, excelent programmers steal them!

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