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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu bug hunters and users in general have discovered a severe bug in the Debian-derived distribution. The bug is rated as 'critical', and is said to prevent Ubuntu from gaining any significant ground in the computing world. This bug can be observed everywhere in the world, at companies, in shops, in people's homes. It's Ubuntu's bug #1.
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Re: Is there a point to this?
by darkcoder on Sun 20th Aug 2006 03:01 UTC
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No, but maybe it should be classified as a plague instead of a bug. Windows can be found everywhere:

Windows XP (Home or Pro)
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows Embeeded
Windows Mobile
Windows Server (many versions here too)

There are windows for nearly everything. And any company that tries to provide another OS prebuild in systems, it's threaten and has to push back. Happened with OS/2, and others in the past, and the same will happened to Linux.

As a joke, at least we still have a Windows free bathroom ;)

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