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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ubuntu bug hunters and users in general have discovered a severe bug in the Debian-derived distribution. The bug is rated as 'critical', and is said to prevent Ubuntu from gaining any significant ground in the computing world. This bug can be observed everywhere in the world, at companies, in shops, in people's homes. It's Ubuntu's bug #1.
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RE[2]: This begs the question ..
by shotsman on Sun 20th Aug 2006 05:52 UTC in reply to "RE: This begs the question .."
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I went looking for a new laptop some time ago. I found a UK maker who seemd to have just what I wanted.
I went to their store and booted knoppix and it worked like a dream.
The conversation with sales sort of went like this.

Ok, I said I'll have one.
Thank you sir. Do you want XP home or XP pro with that.
Neither. I have my own software I will be installing.
I'm sorry sir we have to sell an operating system.
How about I buy it with no hard drive?
We still have to sell you an OS
Its the law.
How about I install my own licensed copy of XP? (This was not an OEM license but a full buy in shop license and the key had never been activated)
That is illegal as well i'm afraid

This was before I got wise to the MS strong arm tactics and just left the store a bit bewildered.
Now I wish I had gone back and recoded the conversation again this time with the sales manager and then made it public.
No company should be able to force you to buy software like what happens with OEM version of XP etc.
When this happens, the number of systems sold with no os or with linux will go up considerably.

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