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Microsoft MSDN's Channel 9 has two videos in their 'Going Deep' series which dive, well, deeper into Singularity, the operating system in development at Microsoft's research department. The first of the two is about, among other things, Software Isolated Processes (SIPs). The second of the two actually shows Singularity in action.
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RE: Its not the kernel
by mormon on Sun 20th Aug 2006 09:49 UTC in reply to "Its not the kernel"
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I couldn't find a simple command to shut down an ethernet interface in any of windows versions till now an then start it up, like in linux/Unix "ifdown" and "ifup".

Isn't that ipconfig for?
ipconfig /renew id_of_connection
I don't know if it works in 95-Me, but i'm sure it works since Win2000.

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