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GNU, GPL, Open Source "If we want open source software to take off on the desktop, we need to reduce the amount of choice and concentrate our efforts into a single app for each purpose. Choice is one of the drawcards of open source software, but if it is ever to receive adoption at any recognisable level on the desktop, there needs to be less of it. More is less and less is more." More here.
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Too much hype -> no real work
by Oliver on Sun 20th Aug 2006 15:28 UTC
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Instead of such noisy articles and comments, people should stand up and help. Opensource is about choice, let mainstream to Microsoft and Apple. And beware of the magical "desktop user", this prototype of a human being does't exist!
"Please do that, please make me happy, please please please ..." - do something yourself.

>This is the problem of Linux, it misses quality applications for the desktop.

First Linux != Opensource.


(for Linux),

(for BSD, the other opensource operating system),

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