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X11, Window Managers "In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about Xgl, compiz, AIGLX et cetera. It seems that 'Xgl' has become a synonym for fancy desktop on Linux - but no one seems to talk about the alternatives or how it all works. I have had a little look into this and am going to summarize it for y'all. I will explain where the following come from and how they work: Xglx, Xegl, Luminocity, and AIGLX."
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When I plug in a new mouse in, I can't remember it working correctly unless I pointed the device to /dev/input/mice in Xorg.conf, though which works quite well. But I can sincerely say it really sucks that X doesn't automatically enable all the buttons available. I can't imagine why it is so difficult? And while I admit eye-candy is fun and I like it, but I think basic things like this should come first..

So you have a xorg.conf file made in a way that the graphics card is probed during every boot and a proper driver is installed if a new graphics chip is detected?
Show me your xorg.conf please! ;) Usually one gets stuck without X.

It's not which does the autodetection. I think the poster's distro just detects the change and then configures X accordingly. But in this case I think it should rather be X which configures such, depending on available drivers, but still letting the user/distro to override the settings if desired, and maybe f.ex. prioritize proprietary nVidia driver over an open-source one to get working 3D. Wouldn't it be easier for X to inquire all the installed drivers if they support the hardware currently present, rather than the distro providing an external application which looks in some (possibly outdated?) database? Well, I'm just speculating here, I have no idea how difficult it would be in reality...

And just as a side note, I hate it that it's still not possible to plug a TV in and just have the nVidia drivers enable it, or even have the nVidia configuration utility enable it. And even though I know how to enable it, I still need to restart X to get it working. Hmmm...I think it would be better if all the drivers provided an interface for checking all the currently connected screens and configuring them on the fly. That way there could just be a generic app for configuring all the drivers.

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