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X11, Window Managers "In the last few months, there has been a lot of talk about Xgl, compiz, AIGLX et cetera. It seems that 'Xgl' has become a synonym for fancy desktop on Linux - but no one seems to talk about the alternatives or how it all works. I have had a little look into this and am going to summarize it for y'all. I will explain where the following come from and how they work: Xglx, Xegl, Luminocity, and AIGLX."
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by WereCatf on Sun 20th Aug 2006 16:21 UTC
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I don't know anything about AIGLX and the link in this post doesn't really enlighten me much, so could someone for example briefly explain if AIGLX is better than GLX, and why?

EDIT: nevermind. And I lost my interest anyway when it said XVideo doesn't work. Sucky.

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