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GNU, GPL, Open Source "If we want open source software to take off on the desktop, we need to reduce the amount of choice and concentrate our efforts into a single app for each purpose. Choice is one of the drawcards of open source software, but if it is ever to receive adoption at any recognisable level on the desktop, there needs to be less of it. More is less and less is more." More here.
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1) Even if all distros used the same package manager, you might still have to repackage apps as distros come with different versions of libraries, might have different locations of files etc.

2) As mentioned, KDE and gnome (and the other DE's/WMs) have different goals. Also, "project portland" might interest you.

3) Not sure what you mean, but the linux distros can use the same drivers... If you mean a central repo for installing drivers, this might be an issue as distros use different kernel patches, different kernel versions, install HAL and stuff to different locations, etc. And in case you didn't know, usually a kernel level driver has to be compiled for the kernel you're using, you can't make a kernel mode device driver that works on both linux 2.4.31 and 2.6.17 without a recompile for example.

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