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Mac OS X ThinkSecret has put together an overview of the new features as found in the WWDC preview of Mac OS 10.5, including a screenshot gallery. "From an end-user's perspective, the build of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that developers received at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference nearly two weeks ago may seem lacking of new features. Beyond Spaces and Time Machine, like Spotlight and Dashboard in Tiger before it, or Expose and Fast User Switching in Panther, the span of noticeable new features are limited in present form." On a related note, Jobs will not hold a keynote speech at the Paris Apple Expo.
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TextEdit and ODF
by MonkeyPie on Sun 20th Aug 2006 22:04 UTC
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This may not be considered a "big" feature to some but to me it is pretty important since I save most of my documents in Linux as ODF. Now I will be able to open them simply using TextEdit. I wonder if this is a pre-cursor to what we will be getting in the new version of Pages. Along with the new Office formats as well.... though that doesn't effect me very much, since I do not use the Office proprietary formats.

Preview also seems to load and perform much faster than in the past... they dropped the "drawer" widget in favor of a more "flat" sidebar. I like it much better.

Leopard may not seem like a HUGE upgrade but it was the small things that really needed improving. And in my opinion that is what is mainly happening UI wise. The Leopard Developers Preview has also been extremely stable and subjectively performance has increased yet again.

I am looking forward to these "Top Secret Features." Maybe they will be what makes people think of a HUGE upgrade.


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