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Mac OS X ThinkSecret has put together an overview of the new features as found in the WWDC preview of Mac OS 10.5, including a screenshot gallery. "From an end-user's perspective, the build of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that developers received at Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference nearly two weeks ago may seem lacking of new features. Beyond Spaces and Time Machine, like Spotlight and Dashboard in Tiger before it, or Expose and Fast User Switching in Panther, the span of noticeable new features are limited in present form." On a related note, Jobs will not hold a keynote speech at the Paris Apple Expo.
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Top Secret
by REM2000 on Mon 21st Aug 2006 07:14 UTC
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I believe we will see an overhaul of the UI in some way, i think really Leopard has been a bit harder to develop than previously thought, which is the reason for the top secret, i don't think it's anything to do with Microsoft (as another article stated Microsoft are not going to add features at this moment in time, they are concentrating on getting the OS bug free and released).

The reason is because of Vista, currently Apple are in a very good position in the market, they are in the public eye more now than ever. They need something which is going to wow the public and take the thunder from Vista, which in turn will bring more people to apple.

Really the features i have seen (time machine etc) are mere tasters for whats really going to come in spring.

A lot of people talk about when apple will change to Mac OS 11/XI, i don't think we will see this for a very long time, if not at all. Mac OS X is a well recognized brand, the X has turned from a mere de-notion of version number to something more like the Coca-Cola logo.

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