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Microsoft MSDN's Channel 9 has two videos in their 'Going Deep' series which dive, well, deeper into Singularity, the operating system in development at Microsoft's research department. The first of the two is about, among other things, Software Isolated Processes (SIPs). The second of the two actually shows Singularity in action.
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RE[4]: Its not the kernel
by hraq on Mon 21st Aug 2006 08:59 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Its not the kernel"
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"From what I could find on "view profiles" online, it seems that this functionality is available in IE 7 and Explorer."

No, it's not available as I ran the latest vista build 5472

"I can only guess you're talking about apps like Word or PhotoShop that have a background space in their document window."

No, I am talking about the whole OS GUI windows, wizards, popups and then applications.

"Most instability in Windows is due to bad hardware or drivers."

If we execlude bad hardware the #1 factor for instability is windows reduced immunity, much like AIDS patient; a bad stability of drivers are because of bad windows acceptance for it. Then Comes the #2 Viruses.

"Viruses are only a matter of time."

Tell a mac user this and he'll probably end the discussion with you. Even on linux I use Fedora Core 5 for 8 months without a single unexplained behavior.

"Apple tried to build their own OS and failed (see copland). They then used technology from Next, Unix, and open source projects to put together OS X."

Let me tell you of a worse situation, which was done by MS; Actually they bought MS DOS for couple of thousand Dollars and merely labeled it Microsoft, and next day they implemented it on IBM PCs. What a Great Job. And lets remember the MS backup utility was stolen in the first place.

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