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Mac OS X has a guide on how to use SheepShaver to run Mac OS 9 on an Intel Mac. "Who said you can't use MacOS 9 because you have an Intel Mac? It is completely possible with a little bit of tinkering, and a really cool universal application called Sheep Shaver, which came to us via a tip from Kazaki. Sheep Shaver is a full speed 'Classic' emulator for Windows, Linux, and Intel based Macs, that runs older MacOS's at shockingly full speed!"
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RE[2]: Only full-speed on PPC
by MattPie on Mon 21st Aug 2006 16:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Only full-speed on PPC"
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Is that 1/8th the native speed of a PPC Mac? Or 1/8th the processor speed of the Intel Mac running it?

I'd have to assume 1/8th the Intel processor speed. The other way doesn't make sense, since 1/8 of a PPC Mac isn't defined since there's a range of processors.

And for the other post, "shockingly full" to me means it runs fast, but not necessarily 'full' speed. Maybe my reading was colored since I know that emulation can never be full speed so I didn't take it as such. Maybe the author meant 'full, as in as fast as period hardware'?

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