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Internet Explorer "This week I interviewed Microsoft's Chris Wilson, the Group Program Manager for IE, to address the issue of Web standards compliance and IE7. There has been controversy about this lately, sparked by a Slashdot thread last week that claimed IE7 was basically non-compliant with CSS standards. I then repeated those claims on my ZDNet blog, but I have to admit that I (and Slashdot too) missed one vital point - it was largely based on an article Paul Thurrott wrote in August 2005, so it was outdated information. Chris Wilson was naturally sensitive to all the criticism and so he vigorously defended IE's standards compliance in his blog. I hope my interview with Chris Wilson went some way to clarify Microsoft's current position on CSS and standards support for IE7. Although I personally still prefer Firefox's features, I do think it's important not to unfairly tar IE7 with the same brush as IE6."
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by jsumners on Mon 21st Aug 2006 19:11 UTC
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Maybe it is more compliant than IE6, but that isn't saying much. Here is one bug that still drives me crazy: Try to position a box absolutely, or fixed, and set the width with percent. Won't work. IE ignores the percent. It wants the size to be defined by pixels. IE also only honors the top and left position properties.
Notice that all of their examples conform to this wacked way of doing things.

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