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Internet Explorer "This week I interviewed Microsoft's Chris Wilson, the Group Program Manager for IE, to address the issue of Web standards compliance and IE7. There has been controversy about this lately, sparked by a Slashdot thread last week that claimed IE7 was basically non-compliant with CSS standards. I then repeated those claims on my ZDNet blog, but I have to admit that I (and Slashdot too) missed one vital point - it was largely based on an article Paul Thurrott wrote in August 2005, so it was outdated information. Chris Wilson was naturally sensitive to all the criticism and so he vigorously defended IE's standards compliance in his blog. I hope my interview with Chris Wilson went some way to clarify Microsoft's current position on CSS and standards support for IE7. Although I personally still prefer Firefox's features, I do think it's important not to unfairly tar IE7 with the same brush as IE6."
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RE[4]: IE7 is good enough
by naelurec on Mon 21st Aug 2006 19:49 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: IE7 is good enough"
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As for advanced CSS, I say f**k advanced CSS.

I disagree. It appears that you see benefit in "basic CSS" .. There is a LOT of CSS that is not widely supported (IE6 primarily) that can help maintain a higher degree of accessibility and usability for end users.

As far as Flash -- while there are AMPLE bad examples of Flash (particularly sites that assume flash), I do see a lot of really good uses of Flash.. Unfortunately with the inconsistent release and support of Flash by Macromedia/Adobe, cross platform Flash can be an issue.

I'd be happy to go back to the point in time in the 90's where tables were introduced, and just leave it at that.

Augh. No CSS? Font tags? Absolutely no respect for site accessibility? Animated GIFs?!? haha.. Browser wars without adherance to standards? So many imbedded tables that any sort of design modification next to impossible ? yikes.. no thanks.

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