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Linux "You've built a linux desktop. You've mounted the learning curve to configure the hardware (or paid someone else to do so) and you are able to do your own work on the machine. You've discovered that if you can point and click you can run a modern linux OS on your desktop. But how is it you will ever relate to the rest of the world? What do you do with the MS attachments people send you? How do you enjoy the music distributed in formats for a Windows World?"
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RE: Internet Explorer
by HappyGod on Tue 22nd Aug 2006 01:27 UTC in reply to "Internet Explorer"
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Enter "Codeweavers CrossOver Office".

Buy it, load IE6 and then load your Bank's website.

Sure, you have to pay for it, but you have to pay for Windows as well (not to mention almost every other app you will ever use with it), and COO is much cheaper.

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