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Windows "I have been testing Microsoft operating systems since Windows 95, and this is the buggiest OS I've seen this late in development," says Joe Wilcox, an analyst with Jupiter Research. "Look at the older operating systems, and by Beta 2 there is a stable foundation on which the [independent software vendors] can build. Right now, Vista is like a ship on stormy seas."
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Vista Might well be stable...
by shotsman on Wed 23rd Aug 2006 20:33 UTC
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Around the time SP3 gets delivered in the current beta is anything to go by.
If microsoft have still to make major mods in the driver area then it can no way be considered stable. This is even more critical given that 64bit Drivers HAVE to be approved and signed by MS themselves. If that part of Vista is still very buggy then I would not like to be one of the 3rd party driver writers at the moment.
Time will tell is all that midnight oil burnt in Redmond and 3rd Party suppliers will make it stable by the time corporates get their hands on it.
Just imagine the scenes in the Microsoft PR dept if one of the big early adopters says No, we are sticking with XP or even worse, we are moving to Mac or Linux!
I tried Beta 2 on a Dell P4 XEON Server and it worked reasonably well but due to lack of real applications I couldn't give it a real hard test.
I expect that things will improce by FCS but the 64K$ question is by how much.
As they say, Watch this space...

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