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Windows "I have been testing Microsoft operating systems since Windows 95, and this is the buggiest OS I've seen this late in development," says Joe Wilcox, an analyst with Jupiter Research. "Look at the older operating systems, and by Beta 2 there is a stable foundation on which the [independent software vendors] can build. Right now, Vista is like a ship on stormy seas."
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by tiiim on Wed 23rd Aug 2006 21:45 UTC
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shocking a beta product has bugs in it... never!!! Come on everyone, we all like to throw the stones at the big guy because our niche OSes never ever crash and if they ever do we take pleasure in it. When you support the most hardware configs, millions of users using the system in billions of different ways on different time scales and metaframes I think MS are doing a good job... i just hope the final release is ready rather than rush because the anti-ms crowd wants to see them fall.... come MS don't release Vista until its ready.

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