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Syllable, AtheOS NewsForge reviews Syllable, and concludes: "Overall, I was pleased with Syllable's speed and ease of use. Most of its drawbacks come from it not being finished yet. The glitches were minor and the lack of features in its applications come from them not being finished yet. I feel kind of guilty complaining that a browser that's on version 0.4 isn't full-featured enough, but for now, these issues prevent Syllable from being useful as a full-time desktop OS."
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RE: Eat their own food
by Vanders on Thu 24th Aug 2006 08:39 UTC in reply to "Eat their own food"
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Years ago you're correct, none of us were using Syllable significantly. That's changed. Certainly the "core" developers are using Syllable as much as possible. I can only speak for myself, but I try to use Syllable for everything I possibly can. I'm still not using Syllable full-time; there are some things I need to do that can not be done on Syllable yet, but Syllable is capable of taking care of most basic tasks such as email and web-browsing.

Obviously many of us develop on Syllable a lot, and Syllable has always been a self-hosting environment, so we use Syllable a fair amount.

I probably use Syllable for a good 30 hours a week in total. It's not my one-and-only OS (yet) but it gets more use from me than Linux, now.

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