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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla team has more or less accepted Microsoft's help in working on Firefox for Windows Vista. Besides the fact that the two parties are already working together, Mike Beltzner, Mozilla developer, has accepted Microsoft's invitation, saying: "Yes, we'd definitely be interested in getting some 1:1 support." Note Sam Ramji's good sense of humour: "I sent this invitation to as well, but in case their spam filters are set to block email addresses, I'm posting here."
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Think it out logically
by bolomkxxviii on Thu 24th Aug 2006 11:08 UTC
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What does each side stand to gain?

FF may learn a few things to make it work better/faster or offer more features for Vista. It makes sense.

MS is inviting a competitor that is eroding it's market share. Do they really want FF to be even better and take more market share away from them? The idea of helping MS find bugs doesn't make sense. That people would take the trouble to install FF then switch to IE doesn't hold water either. I don't claim to understand the reasoning, but MS doesn't do anything that is not in their best interest.

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