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Apple "Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs has a reputation for thinking different. But now he might be planning a move for Apple that will leave even his biggest fans surprised--becoming a phone company." Read more at Forbes.
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RE: rumours, rumours, rumours...
by David on Fri 8th Jul 2005 22:16 UTC in reply to "rumours, rumours, rumours..."
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I seriously doubt that Apple would buy any phone carrier. The Forbes article stresses that it sees a MVNO partnership with an existing carrier. And it seems like the bigger MVNO relationships are happening with Sprint (Virgin, Disney) so they must be offering good terms. They also have a really good data path with EV-DO being rolled out, and I'm sure tethering with Powerbooks would be a big draw.

Sprint is CDMA (sorry GSM fans and world travelers), but that wouldn't be a problem since their market would be mostly North America, I'd assume.

The carriers are falling all over themselves trying to lock their users into crappy service sandboxes with overpriced ringtones, and interoperability with a computer is not only not stressed, but actively resisted, and it's only getting worse. That's why I think this would be a real opportunity for Apple. I, for one, would consider signing up, if the rates were similar to what I'd get from SprintPCS today.

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