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IBM MacSlash has an original editorial regarding different PowerPC projects that never made it to shipping. It mentions things like the obscure PowerPC 615 that could run x86 instructions, or the PowerPC 750VX, which would have been IBM's answer to the Motorola G4. This article reads like a requiem, but lest we forget: here, here, here, and of course, here. I'm starting to believe IBM won't miss Apple all that much.
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Successor of PPC970?
by kloty on Thu 24th Aug 2006 20:25 UTC
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In the article PPC980 was called a rumor, but I think it's more. IBM uses PPC 970 in its blades and in one quite cheap workstation. So either they will disconinue these products in the feature, or they will need a successor chip. Maybe they put a Cell as CPU for blades, but I'm not sure that Cell is capable enough for general purpose computing without adapted software. So probably there is still a need for a general purpose CPU for a cheap development workstation and for the blades. So PPC 980 (or how it will be called) is more than pure speculation.



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