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Apple "Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs has a reputation for thinking different. But now he might be planning a move for Apple that will leave even his biggest fans surprised--becoming a phone company." Read more at Forbes.
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RE: Phone capacity
by David on Fri 8th Jul 2005 22:20 UTC in reply to "Phone capacity"
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"Every time I see a commercial for mobile phones with mp3 capability, I have to shrug and shake my head. Why? Because most phones barely have 64 MB of capacity"

You're right, of course. What use is an mp3 player that will barely hold an album's worth of music? But flash memory is so cheap now that there's no reason that Apple couldn't specify 512 or ever 1 MB and have something roughly equivalent to a shuffle in capacity. Thing is, the carriers control the specs of the handsets 100% today, so there's no incentive for a manufacturer to make a phone with enough memory for a lot of songs. But Apple (or Microsoft) could change that.

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