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Syllable, AtheOS NewsForge reviews Syllable, and concludes: "Overall, I was pleased with Syllable's speed and ease of use. Most of its drawbacks come from it not being finished yet. The glitches were minor and the lack of features in its applications come from them not being finished yet. I feel kind of guilty complaining that a browser that's on version 0.4 isn't full-featured enough, but for now, these issues prevent Syllable from being useful as a full-time desktop OS."
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RE[7]: Cost?
by Vanders on Fri 25th Aug 2006 08:19 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Cost?"
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Whisper doesn't yet support IMAP but it has been designed with IMAP in mind. Someone expressed an interest in writing an IMAP mailbox plugin for Syllable, on the developers mailing list, but I have heard nothing since.

Although I may be changing my own mail-setup and start running imapd on a local server, so I'd have to add IMAP support myself if I did that.

You're right though; a Pine or another curses-based mailer would probably work.

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