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Windows The web exploded yesterday with the news that Microsoft would cripple 32bit versions of Vista so they would not play protected high-definition content. However, Microsoft was quick to respond, stating: "The community is buzzing with reactions to APC Magazine's article regarding playback of protected High Definition content in 32-bit versions of Windows Vista. However, the information shared was incorrect and the reactions pervading the community are thus (understandably) ill-informed. The real deal is that no version of Windows Vista will make a determination as to whether any given piece of content should play back or not."
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Windows XP and DVD playback anyone
by REM2000 on Fri 25th Aug 2006 09:56 UTC
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It's all just like Windows 2k/XP with DVD's, the early 3rd Party software used to test your machine to see if it play DVD's before it installed itself (winDVD, etc..)

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