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OSNews, Generic OSes EyeOS is a free, cross-platform personal content manager system based upon the style of a desktop operating system. The base package includes the whole operating system structure and ten apps: a calendar, file manager, text editor, internal messenger, browser and calculator. EyeOS's is thought to provide a complete, scalable and free (GPL) organization and work system. Everyone can port an existing PHP app to EyeOS and create a meta-package. You can test it online here.
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RE: Ugghh...
by Thom_Holwerda on Mon 8th Aug 2005 18:12 UTC in reply to "Ugghh..."
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Why do I need these barely capable ones inside my browser?

You should look a bit further. How about when you're on vacation, and you want to access your home material on your server?

Or, you are at a friend's place, and he or she just got her vacation pictures-- you could then upload them directly to your server using this system.

Seems like a pretty good idea to me.

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