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SuSE, openSUSE Linux-Noob has reviewed SLED 10. "Novell's strengths are many, and I'm delighted to see the excellent work they have done in usability tests, and making the whole desktop feel like it's ready, ready to do business, and ready to serve its users. The development they've done with Beagle and in particular the 'computer menu' are fantastic and hopefully are just the start of better things to come."
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RE[2]: Great distro
by Quag7 on Fri 25th Aug 2006 15:25 UTC in reply to "RE: Great distro"
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I'm curious how many people who have used SLED are long-term Linux vets. I have noticed that the press for this latest release has been downright glowing.

I recently installed OpenSUSE, whatever the latest version is, on an old laptop of mine, just to see what it was like, having never used SUSE before.

I saw some polish and chrome there that had some obvious advantages in attracting users. I immediately saw why people get excited over YaST. It has a very unified "control panel" feel to it, and I can see the substantial practical benefits to it, especially for beginners or even people who just can't be bothered doing things at the command line. Also, as someone who is a snob about package managers (I imagine most of us are), I'd also report that YaST in OpenSUSE at least, worked great. Had zero problems with dependencies, crashes, or otherwise.

How similar to SLED is OpenSUSE? For those of you who have used at least 5 distros, how does SLED compare? I'm curious whether the glowing reviews of SLED are a result of people who are interested in making Linux more attractive to non-Linux users as an alternative to whatever they're running now, vs. its merits in comparison to other Linux distros for people who have used Linux for awhile.

I have no opinion on this either way; this is why I'm asking. I'm fairly certain that I'm not the intended audience for SLED - I run Gentoo and like that sort of thing (while realizing it's definitely not for everyone), but I am curious how it stacks up against other distros for the power user.

That being said, it's nice to see a Linux distribution get such glowing praise. I'm of the mind that good press for any distribution is probably good press for Linux in general.

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