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SuSE, openSUSE Linux-Noob has reviewed SLED 10. "Novell's strengths are many, and I'm delighted to see the excellent work they have done in usability tests, and making the whole desktop feel like it's ready, ready to do business, and ready to serve its users. The development they've done with Beagle and in particular the 'computer menu' are fantastic and hopefully are just the start of better things to come."
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RE[2]: Great distro
by SEJeff on Fri 25th Aug 2006 16:56 UTC in reply to "RE: Great distro"
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There's no need to argue that this or that package manager is superior to YaST or vice versa.

Dude... yast isn't a package manager. rpm is the package manager that yast uses. Yast is a systems management tool centralizing administration from everything like LVM volumes to reconfiguring the network card, to managing users, to changing dns entries. It is sooooooo much more than a package manager and a pretty frontend to rpm is *ONE* of the things it can do.

Yast has various modules to administer different things. Try running this to see what modules you have installed one a SUSE system:
yast --list

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