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Windows Vista will be the last version of Windows that exists in its current, monolithic form, according to Gartner. Instead, the research firm predicts, Microsoft will be forced to migrate Windows to a modular architecture tied together through hardware-supported virtualisation. "The current, integrated architecture of Microsoft Windows is unsustainable - for enterprises and for Microsoft," wrote Gartner analysts Brian Gammage, Michael Silver and David Mitchell Smith.
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Right track, wrong conclusion
by The1stImmortal on Sat 26th Aug 2006 02:20 UTC
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I'd say the article's on the right track in that the monolithic system model's becoming unsustainable: *not* the kernel, but the system as a whole, but comes to the wrong conclusion with the "modular architecture tied together through hardware-supported virtualisation". As MS has tightened up the configuration options on it's OSes it's added more and more "flavours" of windows. XP had enough variants but we've got what 16 or something Vista variants coming out? each with a strictly defined profile and basically MS preselected installation options. MS admitted as much a while ago that for it's server line it's going to have to modularise the OS. Virtualisation might be a module, but not the basis of the modularity (*requiring* virtualisation would be insane). MS is having to compete with Linux/BSD's configurability, and while for the moment MS is reacting by having dozens of product lines, eventually they'll collapse back down to a highly configurable & modular base product (like Linux/BSD) simply for simplicity's sake.

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