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Windows Microsoft has reached Pre-RC1 with this latest release, Build 5536. The screenshots taken show some of the new features in this build. According to a quick test, Pre-RC1 is very stable and fast. "This build is Pre-RC1 as the screenshots demonstrate. 5536 is surprisingly stable and fast compared to all previous builds."
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by tiiim on Sat 26th Aug 2006 21:43 UTC
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So it appears Microsoft have actually brought a good beta release afterall. Its such a shame since MS are the big guy everytime they do something wrong you get millions of linux/mac users laughing their heads off. We forget however that Steve Jobs tries to keep his beta's under NDA's so most of the embrassing bits we never see and Linux beta testing is just the perks of open source software (as in " you don't like it? fix it"). I think we need to cut MS some slack.. sure they shot themself them in the foot time after time with release dates and perhaps next time they wont mention that until maybe rc2 or so. Also granted even though Vista is less than the original concept in feature completeness at least it looks like for the first time in 4 years Vista could possibly make it out the door... or maybe im speaking too soon?

For the next generation in OSes that most common users will be using its starting to look real good now here's hoping they don't drop themselves in it again.

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