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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Apple is already gearing up for a major marketing campaign for the holidays, and if they're able to ramp up demand, and then deliver the system when they say it will be delivered, it could trump Microsoft in a way that Apple's CEO Steve Jobs would crow about for years.
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short answer:: no
by tiiim on Sat 26th Aug 2006 22:03 UTC
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As a mac user I would say no... the mac wont counter Vista.


bussiness reason: MS have a bussines roadmap which multi million $ companies rely on, Apple do but nobody outside of Apple HQ knows it... strike one no big names bussiness will follow a hidden agenda.

Hardware price: guess what the new mac pro is cheaper than a dell.... have you checked their other hardware? I am in the market for replacing my broken powerbook and at the moment I will be buying a dell, I have price both laptops up and here in the UK the dell is a lot more cheaper! at this point of time im leaving apple because they still have the premium price on the rest of their products.

All in one hardware software solution: this does not work for the mass market. Can you honestly believe if apple become number one pc maker that MS will stop windows? Do you think dell, hp, compaq and so on will throw in their laptop ideas and make keyboards for rest of their lives? Apple needs to release OS x on all hardware if it even begins to think about becoming an alternative OS. The lock to to hardware approach simply doesnt work (unless of cause its an ipod but even then its on iTunes for both Windows and OS x).

OS updates: they are expensive for what a Windows user will call a sp. You can buy a copy of windows and it will be supported for years and years with no extra price. OS x a new version out every 2 years and then its almost like all previous releases are then unsupported with one or 2 security updates here and there. But if you want a new version of safari or mail you better upgrade the whole OS!! (oh please!)

iapps? sure they are great, iphoto is very good but there also alternative solutions out there that are just as good. Also the number one iapp myth is that they are NOT free. Google will give you free copies of picasa all the time, apple will charge you money to upgrade to full screen editing etc.

No crashes? Os X does crash believe it or not... XP Pro edition is rock solid and try and crash windows 2003 server. MS do make stable products that work on more than one hardware config.

Virus? Welcome to real life, sure OS x is more secure than windows but if it got 50% market share expect some more conflicts, OS X is NOT immune so be warned.

The list goes on... yes I made a lot of apple users angry, hey i am a mac user. Its a superb system but its not going to beat vista. I have been a big fan of apple for years and years but 10.5 just hasnt really grab me yet. Windows is a superb OS that does everything OS X does and some more.. if MS dont do it then there will be a third party developer who does. That my 2 cents... before anybody quotes me out of anger just remember i am a mac user who just looking at it realistically instead of being a fanboy who OS maker is never ever wrong...

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