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Linux "When OSDL announced the first release of its Portland initiative at LinuxWorld Boston in April, heralding it 'a breakthrough in desktop Linux', I muttered my skepticism to a co-worker. He expressed surprise at my reaction, noting that the initiative employs extremely smart people. I don't doubt their intelligence, or their sincerity, but I wouldn't bet a penny on the project living up to its initial claim, because you can't conjure a silver bullet out of intelligence and sincerity." KDE developer Kevin Krammer replies: "There is an article over at which predicts that the Portland initiative will fail to reach its goal of 'unifying the Linux desktop'. Unfortunately the author somehow missed that 'unifying the Linux desktop' is not the goal of Portland."
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Torsten Rahn
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Yes, Portland is more specific. My aim was just to present the big picture and I wanted to show that the idea of a future single unified desktop is flawn. Portland's motivation is indeed providing ISV's interfaces and tools to enable them to create applications that work well on all desktops. In my car analogy that would represent the standardization efforts and tools that are necessary for companies who either want to provide spare parts or products which enhance the functionality of the car.

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